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Bre Kennedy is an indie-pop/singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN known for her commanding vocals and completely riveting live performances. With the release of her buzzworthy debut independent EP “Jealous Of Birds”, Bre Kennedy has become a well-known name of New Nashville.Her innate ability to connect with her audience and silence a room is what makes Kennedy’s music so healing and engaging to those who watch her. Kennedy’s debut EP landed itself on Spotify’s New Music Friday USA, Finland & Sweden. She is currently touring and has opened for acts such as Birdtalker, Michael Franti, Gary Clark Jr., and Phillip Phillips, leaving people speechless with her breathtaking performances. Bre has plans to make a record 2020. With authentic songwriting that creates a genuine conversation between any new listener and herself, Kennedy is creating a narrative as a timeless voice in a new age of music.