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The Front Bottoms are a band… but they are also so much more than that. The duo of vocalist/guitarist Brian Sella and drummer Matthew Uychich have toured, created music incessantly and cultivated an international following not through marketing, but through a real connection to the duo's music. The Front Bottoms started making a name for themselves after the crash of '08 when American youth found themselves saddled with college loans, unemployment, part-time minimum wage service jobs and the prospect of living at home or in shady situations on twin size mattresses. The band hit a nerve with their first two albums - the self-titled debut combined two EPs: Slow Dance To Soft Rock and Grip and Tie (2011). They followed it with their breakthrough LP, Talon Of the Hawk, in 2013 and released their widely celebrated Fueled By Ramen debut, Back On Top, in 2015. The Front Bottoms most recent full-length, 2017's GOING GREY, found Brian and Mat embracing the impermanence of life and finding flexibility in the face of change. Having relocated band headquarters to the coastal New Jersey community of Asbury Park during the demoing stages of the album, GOING GREY saw the band acknowledging the nostalgia of simpler times with admiration, while welcoming the inevitable unknowns of life. NPR hailed GOING GREY as "…brutally honest, witty and confessional…" adding, "The group's heart and humor shine…" while The FADER remarked, "The Front Bottoms make memorable sing-a-longs that call back to a different, simpler, sadder era of confessional guitar music." Stereogum praised The Front Bottoms as , "grand and reflective and damn near arena-ready," with A.V. Club declaring, "The Front Bottoms are more confident, and secure enough to confess to all they don't yet know. It's a privilege to listen in as they work it out."