Tips From Fest Vets

In order to prepare for this coming weekend we asked veterans of Shaky Knees Fest to weigh in with their #ShakyTips to help the newcomers know what to expect. Here are some of the best tips we’ve seen so far:

  • “comfy shoes, selfie sticks stay home, watch shows with your eyes instead of through your phone!!” – @musiclife_buzz
  • “PLAN your schedule ahead of time! the new app makes it so easy this year!” – @wendymgar
  • “WATER! WATER! WATER!” – @douggmyrek
  • “It’s a marathon,not a race.” – Kelley Burnham Brown
  • “Get on the rail. Don’t lose your rail. Be the rail. Rinse. Repeat.” – Andrew Gunn
  • “Water water water don’t be the one to go down early! And bring some good vibes whether or not it’s sunny or raining ! O and join the family for year round SK talk” – Justin Fischer

And the most commonly issued tip of all: PACK A PONCHO!

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This article was posted on May 5, 2016